2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is one funny sitcom that you want to watch. If you have not watch this TV sitcom you must watch it now. It is about two girls Max Black and Caroline Channings who become roommates. This is set at Williamsburg neighborhood. It will tackle about friendship, entrepreneurial and poverty.

Here the story revolves around Max and Caroline life and there effort to start a business of cupcakes and make it big time. They are both waitress and work together at a diner in Brooklyn. Max is struggling and works to earn for her daily expenses. Caroline was born rich but unfortunately become penniless and became disgrace from the high society because of her father. The work together in the diner and became roommates and friends. They plan to start a business of cupcakes but unfortunately they don’t have the capital to start one until Sophie lend them $20,000 but however the business fails. In an episode they need to give up the cupcake shop lease to be able to pay Sophie back. In another season they reopen again their business but at the back of the diner. They used the window like a drive thru style but it is a walk up one. Trying to boost up there business and be successful.

This sitcom might sometimes be criticized because of some jokes are a bit sexual but this joke is not much degrading it just put some twist and life to the show. If you set aside this criticism this show also lesson learn about life and what really happening out there.