CSI: Cyber

Another new drama TV series about police procedural that you will surely be intrigue to watch is CSI: Cyber or Crime Scene Investigation: Cyber. This is another CSI franchise. It already started airing last March 4, 2015. The CSI, CSI: NY and CSI: Miami make a name and been watch by many. If you love watching the other CSI you will surely expect more on this CSI: Cyber.

This show is till new but audience will surely be intrigue about this and will watch this surely and compare it to other CSI shows. Because other CSI shows has name already and proven itself this show need to prove that this series is worth watching also.

From the name itself cyber there cases will surely involves in solving those that are into web and net. Like cyber theft, hacking, internet murder related, sex offences and other crime related with cyber. They handle gadgets, technology and other techie things. Those viewers that are in cyber thing might like this show and can relate on this.

With the few episodes they show how they are updated and hi-tech they are in solving the cases. Each of viewers has its own opinion about the shows. This show is very different from others because they depend more on the technology around them like computers and other gadgets.

Now let wait for the other episodes to be shown if will improve more for the better. I just don’t like the static effect I don’t know for others.