Ellen DeGeneres

Who doesn’t know Ellen DeGeneres? Yes almost everyone know her if not that would be weird. Maybe the one who doesn’t know her are those who don’t have television or kids that only want to watch cartoons or anime. She was born January 26, 1958. Even at the age of 57 she really very active and looks like only 30 something. I love the energy she has that maybe other women wish to have her energy and enthusiast.

Ellen is really great in almost every field of entertainment and you can see how really dedicated she is in her field of work. She is a great actress, television producer, writer, television host and a comedian.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is something that to be always be watch. Her show surely is not boring and you would feel as if you want to extend the hours just to watch her show. She really is a great host and really knows how to connect to the audience and the viewers. It is great to watch her shows that she invites people to her show especially those talented people how are taken for granted. Like those kids that has incredible talents that are invited to show to the world there hidden talents. As you watch her show you will also see how she connects with her guests.

She is really a one whole great package of talents that one can envy. And one great thing I admire about her is she is proud of herself.