Are you one of those who watch “Glee”? I love this musical TV series that has comedy and drama on it. There are great lessons that can be learn like knowing more about one self, sexuality, social issues, relationship, how to deal with other people and more.

From the start of this show until now I am still hook up watching this and I am sure till the last episode of it. Each one of the characters really did well on portraying their characters. Still I miss the original cast of this show especially late Cory Monteith. I don’t have a specific favorite character in it because I love all of them.

Glee is like a typical teenage show at first. Where in the high school life of different students are tackle here. Each character that is shown represents each individual who are also watching. They can see their self with the characters in the Glee.

Every musical scene that is shown is so entertaining to watch. They give different side of the songs on how they sing and how they execute it the stage. They make the song more to be loved. It is great how they can insert a musical scene in an episode and not ruining the run of the show.

It just sad to know that it is the final season and we will surely miss all the characters in the show. Musical show can not only be seen now in Broadway or movies but also now in television.