Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

If you have toddlers or kids with you at home you want them to watch TV shows that are educational and entertaining in one. The one that would get there interest in. Kids sometimes also are also picky on what they want to watch. But mostly kids love cartoons or animated ones especially if it is there favorite or well known characters.

One show that kids will surely love to watch is “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that stars Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, and don’t forget Pluto the stars of Disney.

This show makes sure that kids will interact every episode they have. The episodes are focusing on math like counting, identifying shapes and other problems that has connection with math. There is also Mousekadoer that looks like a small head shaped of Mickey flying when they called “Oh Toodles” and it will pop up from hiding and the viewer can choose from tools that Mousekadoer had that can be used in the situation that need to be solved.

The Mickey Mouse chant “Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse” is very catching to kids and also to adults, this chant will summon the Clubhouse to appear in front of them. Another song that is used to end the show is the “Hot Dog” where kids also dance with the tune and tried to imitate the dance moves of Mickey Mouse and the group.

Not only kids will enjoy watching it but adults will also not be bored especially with their opening and ending song.