Movies to TV series

Watching movie is a way where you have a great time enjoying other company may it be your family or your friends. But this is a bit expensive where in not only you are paying for the ticket for the movie but also snacks that you will need in case.

Have you observed that now that there are some movies that are being made to a TV shows and also vice versa. Because they have caught the interest of the viewer’s maybe that is why they decide to make a TV shows out of it. You would think that the television version of the movie will not be as good as the movie itself but you might think twice because the director, producer or others that is involve will make sure that the viewers will still be satisfied. Yes the special effects, costumes and others will not be the same as in the big screen when it is shown in a TV and become a TV series but still the concept or the story is still in line with the movie same goes when TV series or shows become also a movie. It can be

The good thing when these movies are being shown in television is it is free and everybody can watch it in their own comfort of their home. Viewers don’t need to spend a lot of money and dress up when going out and just dress comfortable.

Do you have in mind what movies that are now done and can be seen in your own television at home that you love watching. Some of TV shows that are popular that was once a movie is “Dirty Dancing”, “Superman”, “The Mask”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Tremors”, “The Net”, “Working Girl, “Clueless” and may more .

And now I have read from different sources that there will be upcoming TV shows that will be coming out soon that was once where movies or being shown already.. These movies that are being adapted to TV that should be watch out for and being developed is the “The Mortal Instruments”, “The Omen”, “American Gigolo”, “In Good Company”, “Monster-In-Law”, “Big”, “Bachelor Party”, “The Devil’s Advocate”, “The Shooter”, “Hitch”, “Shutter Island”, “Problem Child”, “Marley & Me”, “Ghost”, “The Truman Show”, “Real Genius”, “Resident Evil”, “Underworld”, and “The Illusionist”. This are just some movies that are popular that is being made into a television shows. Some maybe already being shown and some will be coming soon.

Story concept maybe continuation to the move or might look like a continuation to it but viewers will surely still be hook the same as when they are watching the movie. The difference with it is in movies it will only take 2 to 3 hours to watch it while when it is in a TV series it take an hour or two everyday or once a week in watching it. Viewers need to watch each episode and make sure not to miss any because they might not understand to shows.