Among one of the popular Japanese manga series that Masashi Kishimoto written and illustrated is Naruto. The Naruto anime premiered in October 3, 2002 then after an ongoing sequel was next the Naruto: Shippuden anime. This is one of the longest anime that you still want to watch.

This story revolves around Naruto Uzumaki a ninja that dreams and want to become the strongest leader in a ninja village which is to be a Hokage. He will encounter different trials and obstacle along his way, meet friends, enemies, alliance, love ones and standing what he thinks is right.

He encounters straggles in his life because of the Nine-Tails Fox that is sealed inside him since he was a baby. This was reveal to him after twelve years. Afterwards he become a ninja and team with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno under a sensei and elite ninja Kakashi Hatake. There team is called Team 7. Each of them has its own talent and ability that they need to discover and enhance it more to be powerful. They encounter and did different missions together like being a bodyguard and doing chores. But as they grow up their mission becomes more and more dangerous.

The ongoing sequel is more on their teenager side, there struggle they need to do to be able to reach their aims and goal. Even thou Naruto looks happy going he still took his job and mission seriously especially if it involves his friends and love ones. He really makes sure that he wants peace and makes friends than enemy.

Let see and continue to watch Naruto and see where it will go to and if he become a Hokage.