Running Man

Running Man is popular variety show in South Korea. It started airing in 2010 of July 11 and still on air till now. This is a different kind of TV series because it is very entertaining. They classified this as urban action variety show because this has a different concept, not a typical variety show. Even you don’t understand Korean there are sub title to be able for non Korean to understand.

This is a variety game show where in all the MCs and their guests need to complete a mission to win the game or race. They will be split to groups and compete to each other and try to win each other. Mission will be given to them and try to finish the race as fast as they can from one mission to another from different point of landmark that is designated.

One thing about this show that make it more entertaining and funny watch is there is someone will be telling what is happening during the race like storytelling while the race is happening. It makes the race entertaining because all the players know what is happening. But because of this the players’ looks more aware and thrill with excitement to know what is happening to others and to their teammates.

Once you started watching one of this shows you will be hook up watching from one episode to another because it will surely make your day well and feel light from a rough whole day. Great show like this can help you relax.