Stalker TV series

Stalker is one TV series that will get your interest if you are in to action and crime series. This TV series is about victims that are being stalk and how the detectives and polices handle the situation. IT started airing in October of 2014.
The main character Lt. Beth Davis is not only an expert in the field of stalker but also she experienced and a victim also. She has a traumatic experience with his boyfriend. The character portrays a strong woman and tried to move on after what she experience. She works to help other people that are being stalk and to catch the stalkers.
Even she has lost his family she still has his co-workers not only as her friends but like a second family. They work together to help others with their field of expertise. There bond was tested when Beth ex-boyfriend or stalker escape and was stalking her again. Her friends where always around her to comfort her as they can.
This TV series has his negative feedback because they said it has an ugly storylines and the subject is perverted. Not all can be pleased, maybe some thinks this way but there are also others who have an open mind about this.
With Stalker TV series it can give the viewers a bit an idea in case they encounter the same situation on what they should do. While watching this
Hope they can update the series already and finish the season and not let the viewers is hanging on the edge from the last episode.