Family time is very important especially if you have kids. During this time is where you get to know more about your family especially your children. Parents knows how growing up is because they all had experience it already and knows almost what is happening along the road.

Children cannot be supervised by the parents 24 hours a day. They cannot look or watched them on what they do so eventually having family and quality is very much needed to be able to understand the kids on what is happening in their life, what they are doing or what they are up to and learn more with each other.

A good way to do this is make sure both parents and children have free time and as much as possible they can both schedule a time and place to sit and have a chat. But a chat that would be fun at the same time like goes to a park and has a picnic or eat dinner out where both parents and children will enjoy the ambiance.

Unfortunately family time now is taken for granted. There are children who wanted much more to watch television than have some quality time with their parents. They prefer to watch their favorite shows shown on television and enjoy wasting their time watching. Now they think that it is un cool bonding with parents and afraid they will be tease by their fellow friends. Once they started watching their shows that get their interest or their favorite shows where they can be hooked with it they have more tendencies to not monitor and forget the time. If this happen they will mostly consume more time watching TV and might even forgot other activities or agenda if this happen. Sometimes after school when they went home there are children will go directly in front of a television instead of doing their homework or study their lesson.

It is okay if after school when kids went home they can relax watching television for a couple of minutes but after talk first to your parents or siblings and do a bit of chatting to know what happen during the whole day. In this way you can still monitor what is happening for both parents and children. It does not need a lot of hours to have a family or quality time it can also just also take a couple of minutes as long it is heartedly been done.

For parents if you found your kids watching television why not try o sit in with them and do some little chit chat and get to know what they are watching and you can learn what they want to watch or what they are in to or favorites. Parents can learn something about their kids by what they or love watching. You can analyze your kids with this. Aside from sitting with them while watching you can also monitor if what they are watching is appropriate for them.
So parents I know it is difficult for you to cut your kids or stop them from watching but finds ways to still have time with them. You must be the one to more open minded on how you can still have time with each other.