Television or TV for short has been one of the famous technologies that being used and indulge by almost everyone. Watching television has been one way for us to relax or unwind from a stressful day especially during our day off or free time. And if we got bored or do nothing watching your favorite TV shows, drama or other type shows is surely a way to entertain you.

There are different shows or programs that are being provided by a TV station that will cater to all the viewers from toddlers, kids, teenagers, adults or in short for different range of age. Each has different wants on what to watch. For toddlers or kids as you surely know they love to watch cartoons or any educational shows. For teens more likely it depends on what the teen is in to. While for the adults they are more concern on news or anything that can give them information that is happening around.

Television has a way to each viewer on how they can be affected by it. If you think television is a great way to kill time or entertain us unfortunately this also has its advantage and also a disadvantage not only for kids but for everyone who watch television.
Have you observed or ask yourself if what is the effect that has done to you when watching television? Maybe you have observed it not only within yourself but also at others. Yes it helps us be entertained and also keeps us informative but still there are still those harmful effects that can cause in watching.

Let start first with the advantage. As we all know and mostly the main reason of watching is to be entertained and laugh out from a tiring and stressful day with shows that we find it comical and funny. Next is keep us updated, educated and informed on what is happening around local and international with shows like news, documentaries, weather, educational and other more. It helps also mostly being alert and aware like knowing the weather forecast and be prepared on what to come. And mostly as we all know and experience this is a simple way of bonding with our family and also friends most especially during the weekends with snacks and drinks on hand. Watching different TV shows is very economical and inexpensive way to have a great time with your love ones.

Now we know what are some of the advantages let us now tackle some of the disadvantages. Aside from those type of shows that I have mention earlier there are other shows that are a bit disturbing like war, fight, sex, drugs and other negative subject you can think of can be watch by young people where in they can copy or imitate what they have watch. The mind of the kids and teens are very curious and want to try what they think is cool. Another disadvantage is make people lazy and can cause problem with the health because of the junk foods that being eaten while watching and always sitting in front of the television.

These are just some of the advantage and disadvantage of watching but remember balance and right decision is needed especially when there are children around. They will be needed guidance on what and when to watch.