One of the most watched by viewers on television is those reality shows that have been viral and almost every country has one. Some franchise reality shows from abroad to broadcast the same reality shows for their country.
There are so many reality shows that audience can choose. It can be a cooking showdown, dance showdown, singing showdown, dating show, celebrity life and so many more especially those shows that let the person there talent and compete to each other or show each other their true self to the audience.

Unfortunately not only adults or mature audience can watch all these reality shows but also children. But if these reality shows are rated G or can be for children it is alright for them to watch.

So let see what reality show that can be for children to watch. Those cooking shows that showcase different cooking talents and technique of every person involve. They can learn how the technique and how to cook different food or meals. Example of these cooking shows is the Master Chef, Top Chef, The Next Iron Chef and other more. This are just some cooking reality shows where you can see chefs shows there each unique technique in cooking and how they cope from pressure. Viewers can get great ideas watching and kids will be inspired watching.

Another reality shows that can be watched by all aged are those talent shows like American Idol, X Factor, The Voice and America’s Best Dance Crew. This are just some of reality shows that viewers will surely enjoy watching great talents to be discovered by the world. Showing their talents in singing and dancing may it be solo, duo or duet, trio or group it encourages others to show also their hidden talents waiting to be discovered.

Not all reality shows are for all audience. There are these shows that need parental guidance and there are also those that are not allowed for children to watch because of the foul language, actions, and other inappropriate actions. Some of these this shows that need adult supervision is the Fear Factor, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother, America’s Next Top Model, Desperate Housewives, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and many more. There are just some shows that need cautious watching when there are kids around because they might copy or imitate what they watch in these shows that a bit mature for them to understand most especially using foul language, sex, drugs and other malicious actions.

Each reality shows has goals to reach an objective to capture a certain target of audience. They make sure that they shows to the audience the real personality of each contestant or people that are involve, real time event in a certain situation that can be given to the participants.
There are still some viewers who do not believe on some reality shows especially those participants that interacts or stay in one venue because they looks like they are just faking it and not being real. Still it depends on the viewers on their own perspective if to continue watching or not.