Supernatural or fantasy TV shows are entertaining to watch. Vampire, witch, werewolf and other mystical creature can caught easily the attention of a viewer. What shows have you watch that have this kind of characters?

For me among the most watch TV shows of this kind are The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and The Originals. I know that there are other shows aside from this but this is only from my side of view. Each of one has a show that we want to tell and share. With these three shows that I mention the main character that you can see here are the vampire, werewolf and witch. I love how this three make a story interesting that can excite you to watch the next episode of it. How their characters can be enemy in one point then the next they can become allies. Special effects and prosthetic make-up is amazing that it looks so real.

These three shows are still ongoing or preparing for the next season. But as the show goes on it make the viewers hook up to watch the shows. Aside from the supernatural of the show it also have action scene, comedy and love story in it also. That makes it more entertaining and interesting.

From the three shows that I mention which one do you love or if not share what show are you watching.
There are still those classic shows that I cannot forget where it started my interest in this kind of show, The Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.